Cummer Museum is a center for Floridian history and gardens

cummer 3

The entrance of the Cummer Museum

It’s spring break! It’s the time for cruises, beaches and, in my case, art museums. This weekend brought me to the Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens. Next week I’ll be venturing to Orlando to see its best art museums.

Located on Jacksonville’s riverside, the Cummer Museum not only has some great artwork but also an interesting historical background. The museum was founded in 1958 by Ninah Cummer when she donated her riverfront home and extensive art collection to create an art museum. In parts of the museum, you actually walk through the house. For someone who likes art and old houses, the Cummer is the perfect combination.

The Cummer’s permanent collections are its strongest suit, specifically the ancient, medieval and Renaissance collections. Collections and their exhibits include:

  • “Ancient Art” has Egyptian, Etruscan, Greek and Roman pottery and sculptures.
  • “Medieval and Renaissance Art” presents works from both Italian and Northern European regions.
  • “Late 18th and 19th Century American Art” has a giant portrait of George Washington. That’s something I just have to mention.

Highlight: The Gardenscummer 2

Where do I even begin with the gardens? Filled with statues and reflecting pools, the gardens include English and Italian designs. They are located behind the museum and stretch all the way to the St. Johns River.

Amy Chamberlin, the associate director of marketing for the Cummer, stressed the importance of the gardens to the museum.

“A lot of museums have art and world-class art, but there’s not many that can say they have two-and-a-half acres of gardens that sit on the St. Johns River. It makes us unique.”

Chamberlin said that many people come to the museum from outside of Jacksonville to visit the gardens. I can see why. It’s the kind of environment that makes you want to put on a white frock and walk around with a parasol.

I’ve included some more photos of the gardens below because they were so photogenic.

cummerIMG_0993cummer 4IMG_0962

Join me next week after I brave the mean museums of Orlando!

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